Juventus will open a factory for automotive parts in the future, with a team of about 50 people.

The facility is located at the site of the former Haldimand Factory, located near the town of Villamorossa.

Juventus president Andrea Agnelli said on Thursday that the new facility will provide an alternative to the company’s current facility in Rome.

“We will be the only factory in Italy with such a facility,” Agnello said.

“I hope the new factory will be a great experience for all.”

The new facility has already received the approval of the local authorities.

The project will be managed by the factory’s owner, an Italian company called G.T.I.G.O.R.O., a unit of General Electric Co., according to Agnellio.

The factory is the largest in the country, and is already supplying parts for Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and Porsche cars.

The company also manufactures parts for the Italian automaker Fiat.

The new plant is expected to be ready in 2019.