When you think about it, you might not realize that highway 70 in Kansas is a highway that crosses two states.

The state’s official designation for it is “interstate highway 70.”

Interstate 70, which stretches from the Missouri River north through Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska, is the main road in the state.

But Kansas is not a state.

It’s a separate state.

And when it’s time to drive from Kansas to Missouri, Interstate 70 is just one state away.

That means if you want to go to Kansas and back, you have to drive through Kansas to reach your destination.

It also means you can’t drive across the state on Interstate 70.

That’s why Kansas has one of the highest rates of fatal car crashes in the country.

But when you think of it, that is not actually that bad.

When it comes to driving on the highway, it is pretty common to see drivers who are driving on Interstate 60, the main highway through Kansas.

And there are plenty of places to drive on Interstate 80, the other main highway into Kansas.

Interstate 80 is just south of Wichita and just north of the city of Topeka.

And it’s a really wide stretch of highway that spans Kansas and Missouri.

There are about 1.2 million vehicles on it each year, according to the Kansas Department of Transportation.

But the number of fatalities and serious injuries are lower on Interstate 10, the highway south of Topek.

The number of deaths on Interstate 20 in Topeka is about 400 a year.

And the number in Topek is about 350.

That is why there is no real correlation between the number and the number.

And that is what is really interesting about Interstate 70 in Missouri.

It is a little bit more dangerous than Interstate 60.

So how does that make it so deadly?

Here are some of the reasons why.

Traffic Safety When you drive on the interstate highway 70, it’s common to find yourself stuck in traffic jams.

That can mean that cars will stop and look at each other.

Or you will see some other vehicles in the road.

If you look closely at those cars and see that they have a front bumper, you can be sure that they are not safely passing each other on the shoulder.

It can also be dangerous.

Drivers often cross the shoulders and stop at crosswalks.

Sometimes they can’t see other vehicles and can’t spot them in the street.

That makes it difficult to see where you are headed.

And then there are other things that make the highway dangerous.

One of those is that many of the cars are older.

Many of the trucks are smaller.

And some of them have only one or two seats.

There is no way to properly position the driver and the passenger to avoid a collision.

And if you do get into a collision, you don’t know what will happen to you until it’s too late.

You have no way of knowing whether or not you’ll be seriously injured.

The driver of the car you are driving has no idea that you are approaching him or her, says Dr. Michael J. Williams, the chief medical officer of the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

It has no way, no way in the world of a human being, he says.

So when you get stuck in that traffic jam, the vehicle is going to slow down, the driver is going