In a stunning break with the norm, a woman was taken into police custody in Karakorum, India’s second-largest city, on Saturday for allegedly driving recklessly on the Karampura Highway 91.

A police officer from Karakora told CNN, “This is a first time that a woman has been detained in the state for driving on the highway.

There are reports of such cases happening in other states too.”

The police had to break the woman’s bra and take her into custody after she sped off in the vehicle, CNN said.

Police in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh say that a 42-year-old woman was stopped in the city of Chandrapur, in the district of Mysore, on Monday for driving reckfully on a stretch of highway 91 in Karampur, the largest highway in the country.

A case of driving on highway 91 has been registered with the police.