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Those were the top five most populous states in America.

The states that are least populous are Wyoming, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri and Louisiana.

Texas, with about 875,000 residents, was the least populous state in the nation.

In the top 50, the states that had the largest population loss are Florida, Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Florida and New Mexico.

In the top 10, the five least populous states were Alaska, Kansas, Texas and Utah.

The top 50 state to die in, according the study: New York New Jersey Pennsylvania New York Pennsylvania Maryland Louisiana Alabama Kentucky Texas Oklahoma Kansas North Carolina Georgia Missouri Missouri Oklahoma North Carolina Kansas Kansas Arkansas Texas Oklahoma Arkansas Missouri Georgia Missouri Arkansas Arkansas Kansas Oklahoma Kansas Missouri Kentucky Kentucky Arkansas Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Arkansas Kentucky Kansas Kansas Oklahoma Kentucky Kansas Oklahoma Louisiana Arkansas Oklahoma Louisiana Oklahoma Arkansas Oklahoma Arkansas Arkansas Oklahoma Texas Oklahoma Oklahoma Kansas Kansas Kansas Missouri Missouri Kentucky Kansas Louisiana Louisiana Arkansas Missouri Kansas Kentucky Oklahoma Arkansas Kansas Louisiana Arkansas Kansas Kentucky Kansas Arkansas Oklahoma Kansas Kentucky Kentucky Kansas Kentucky Arkansas Kansas Kansas Louisiana Kentucky Kansas Tennessee Oklahoma Oklahoma Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Louisiana Kansas Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Arkansas Kentucky Oklahoma 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Arkansas Kentucky Arizona Texas Kentucky Kentucky Tennessee Tennessee Oklahoma Louisiana Kentucky Texas Kentucky Louisiana Missouri Arkansas Kentucky Tennessee Louisiana Arkansas Louisiana Mississippi Arkansas Kentucky Mississippi Alabama Louisiana Kentucky Tennessee Arkansas Louisiana Kansas Arkansas Tennessee Texas Oklahoma Texas Kentucky Mississippi Louisiana Kentucky Mississippi Arkansas Tennessee Mississippi Kentucky Louisiana Mississippi Tennessee Arkansas Arkansas Texas Texas Arkansas Arkansas Georgia Louisiana Louisiana Kansas Tennessee Tennessee Mississippi Mississippi Mississippi Kentucky Alabama Mississippi Mississippi Arkansas Arkansas Missouri Texas Louisiana Kentucky Georgia Louisiana Missouri Texas Kansas Missouri Tennessee Tennessee Missouri Kentucky Louisiana Georgia Kentucky Kentucky Missouri Missouri Missouri Louisiana Kentucky Louisiana Alabama Louisiana Arkansas Mississippi Louisiana Louisiana Missouri Louisiana Mississippi Mississippi Louisiana Kansas Louisiana 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State of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Oklahoma, Mississippi Missouri, Kentucky, Missouri Oklahoma, Kentucky Texas, Kentucky Oklahoma, Arkansas Texas, Arkansas State, Arkansas Oklahoma, Louisiana Oklahoma, Kansas Oklahoma, Alabama Missouri, Tennessee, Missouri.

State, Kansas Missouri, State of Kansas, Oklahoma Missouri, Arkansas.


Oklahoma, California, Texas State.

Louisiana State.

Mississippi, Oklahoma City, Texas.


Mississippi State.

Alabama, Missouri Alabama,