An Alaska highway map has a lot going for it: it’s easy to navigate, accurate, and it’s a lot cheaper to print than most other maps.

But according to the Alaska Highway Department, that all changes if you’re trying to map the entire state, which is why it’s the map you should print out and get to work. 

Alaska Highway Department Director Chris Gattis told ABC News that the highway map is designed to be printed out on a single sheet of paper with a ruler, so it can be easily read by anyone who wants to map it.

Gattas said the map is the first time that the department has published a map that can be printed and viewed from a distance, but he said that it will take a while before anyone can see the map on a phone or tablet. 

Gattis said that the first phase of the project will be published on the department’s website and then on the Alaska Department of Transportation’s website, which means anyone will be able to see the highway maps before the public is able to download them.

Gattas explained that the Highway Department had been working on the map for several years and the maps will be printed in a standard sheet that’s usually around 300 millimeters thick.

But he said the first version of the highway will have a thinner sheet of 100 millimeters. 

“The first version, the highway, will be 10,000 pages and we will then make a second version of it, which will be about the same size, and we’ll have it printed on a larger sheet of 50,000,” Gattins said.

“That’s the first road map.

The second road map is going to be the state highway, which I can’t tell you how many pages are going to go into this.”

Gattos said that some of the maps on the website will be of the Alaska highway, and that the rest will be designed to look like Alaska’s roads.

“I think it will be very good, and I think people will be interested in seeing the maps and seeing the details of our state,” he said.

The Alaska Department says that there are currently over 5,000 miles of state highways, and they are mostly roads that go through the state, not the state itself.

The highway maps have been printed on paper, but they can also be printed on any type of surface, including vinyl, wood, metal, glass, paper, and cardboard. 

The Alaska Highway maps will cost about $25 to $40, and Gattias said that those who would like to download the maps for free can sign up for the highway department’s mailing list and have them delivered to their home.

Gattsas said that most of the department is working on adding new maps to the website. 

While Gattes said that he’s not certain if the new maps will have the same accuracy that the previous maps did, the department said that they are looking forward to working with the public and the public will have access to the highway data.

“We want to get these maps out to the public, and the information that’s going to come out of this is going get more accurate as we go forward,” Gathis said.