With temperatures soaring in Texas, there’s more and more road conditions to check out, with some states offering even more information on the condition of their roads than the rest of the country.

Here’s a quick rundown of the key highway conditions across the state.

How to check the condition for your area in TexasIf you’re on the highway, you can use the highway conditions Map to find out how many days remain until the weather turns.

The map will display the current temperature and humidity conditions and road conditions, with temperature and road data on the left side.

Clicking the map will open up the Highway Conditions section, which shows all the weather conditions available for your location.

Click on the map to see more details on each road condition.

Temperature data on both the temperature and the humidity data.

Weather information on both temperatures and humidity.

Road conditions on both temperature and conditions.

The map will show temperature and a highway condition on the right side of the map.

Click the map for more detailed information.

In Texas, the road conditions are also available for other parts of the state, and the state has a Highway Conditions map that you can check out to find conditions for specific roads.

The conditions map in the US can be downloaded here.

Here’s how to use this Highway Conditions Map in your state: