Texas highway maps are not always accurate, but that’s not stopping the folks at the Texas Department of Transportation from releasing one.

The department has released a highway map for 2016 that shows just how big and complicated the Texas highway system is.

The map shows just the two lanes in each direction along the Brazos River, and the Texas Highway System covers just over 1.4 million miles of road.

The Texas Department also includes a map of major highways in the state.

For instance, there’s one of the busiest freeways in the world: I-35.

If you drive it north along the east side of Dallas, you’ll come to a stop about three miles south of the city of Dallas.

That’s the one-lane expressway, and it goes from Houston to Dallas-Fort Worth.

It also includes the two-lane I-70 that cuts south from Houston.

The two lanes on either side of I-45 connect to I-10 in Austin, and one-way I-55 goes south from there.

The two lanes of IH-465 in Texas are not on the map, but the highway system extends from Houston, through Dallas, into the Panhandle of Texas, to the Gulf of Mexico.

The highway system includes a major highway called the I-20.

It’s the only one in the United States to have two lanes.

The highway also includes two lanes along the IH Bridge in San Antonio.

The interstate system is about 1,400 miles long and has one lane on each side.

It stretches from San Antonio, in Texas, through Austin, to Houston, in Louisiana.

The one-direction I-40 that runs from Texas City to New Braunfels was built in 1949, so it was a two-way highway when it was built.

The system includes I-75 in New Braunfen, and I-280 in Houston.

I-65 runs from San Marcos, Texas, into New Braunfed.

The Interstate System in Texas has been in operation since 1951.

The state has three main highways: IH5 in Fort Worth, IH60 in Fort Bend, and U.S. 59 in Austin.

It has a major interchange, which means there are many cars coming from one direction.

The interchange has a toll of $2, which is about $8 for a 30-minute trip.

That interchange has an estimated cost of about $1.3 billion.

There are about 11 major highways, all of which run through Texas.

The first highway in the Texas system, I-25, was built about two miles south-southwest of Dallas in 1950.

It is the only highway in Texas that is one-stop only, which meant that there was no direct interchanges between two stops.

The interstate system covers more than 20,000 miles of the state and covers about 3.8 million square miles.

Texas is one of only a few states with a two lane, one-speed interstate system.