The state of Florida is leading the nation in protecting its highways, and the results of the state’s road safety study are in, the Florida Highway Patrol announced Wednesday.

The results, released by the Florida Department of Transportation, show that the state has the best safety record among all 50 states and the District of Columbia, according to the study.

Of the 50 states, only the District is in the top 10 in road safety, with the Florida highway patrol putting Florida in the 12th percentile of the states, the report found.

The report found that the states with the worst road safety are those with a history of violent crime, traffic fatalities and crashes on the road.

In Florida, the average number of crashes per 100,000 miles of road travel is 8.3, the highest in the nation.

The average crash rate is 6.8, the lowest in the country, according the report.

The state is also the safest place to drive in the U.S. with the highest rate of road fatalities per 100 million miles of driving, with 6.2, followed by California at 5.9, and New Jersey at 4.7.

Of all 50 States, the state with the lowest rate of crashes on a road is Montana at 5,9.8.

Of its 4,9 million miles, the states roads are in the middle of the pack at 7.5 miles per gallon, the study found.