An old, rusty and dirty needle highway on the border between San Diego and Los Angeles has become a popular destination for commuters heading north.

A new highway that crosses the needle-strewn highway is coming to a close in a couple of years, but this year’s opening is going to make it a little bit more comfortable for those who want to get a bit closer to work.

A few years ago, the highway was full of drug dealers and their equipment, with some drivers passing out on the highway.

Now, the roads are clean and there are no more dealers.

There’s a big sign outside the highway reminding drivers to wear their seat belts and keep a distance.

On Wednesday, the road will be closed for the last time, at 6 p.m.


That means the lanes will be blocked for about an hour.

The city of San Diego says there will be no traffic enforcement, and it is encouraging drivers to slow down and enjoy the ride.