Bike-sharing schemes have sprouted in New York City, but many people aren’t keen on the idea of owning their own.

Here’s how to make it easier for them to do so. 

How to get round New York Highways 6 and 94 have been both named after the US states of Pennsylvania and New York, and the roads are one of the most scenic in the US. 

If you can’t travel by car, the city’s bicycle-sharing system has some interesting features.

It is not the first to offer a service of this nature, but it is one of its more popular. 

 Bike-sharing works by allowing people to rent bikes to go anywhere they like, and there are many bike shops and motels throughout the city. 

Bikes can be rented from around the city for $2 per day. 

The bike-sharing app, Ride, lets you book a bike and pick up the next available bike within a given time frame.

You can also request a ride from other users, and you can share your ride with others who have the same bike. 

There are two types of bike: Bicycles can be purchased online and rented at bike-shops and motel locations The bikes that are being rented are not just for commuting, but also for recreational activities, like riding on sidewalks, playing games or doing errands. 

Each rental can cost up to $100 (£61) per day, and rental options are limited to a maximum of a couple of hours. 

For a basic, three-bike trip, you can expect to pay $35 (£27) for a 30-minute ride in Manhattan, and $45 (£33) for 30-plus-minute rides in Brooklyn and Queens. 

You can also rent bikes from the city and have them delivered to your doorstep, or you can just walk into a shop and order one from the website. 

Ride has also started offering the service to customers who don’t own a bike.

The company said that the number of riders has tripled since it started offering bikes to New Yorkers last August. 

A total of 2,600 bikes have been rented for a total of $3.4m (£2.8m) The service is free to anyone, but some are limited in the number that can be taken out at a time. 

As with any bicycle rental app, you will have to be registered and insured to use the service.

You will be able to pay to have a bike registered and inspected. 

In the meantime, the bikes are available for pickup on the website, so if you have no spare time, you may be able see them at a nearby shop or use a rental app to find a rental location. 

I’m not sure whether I’d want to do that in New Jersey, but this service has been available since the summer, and I suspect that the city could soon be the first city to have it as well. 

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This article originally appeared on the BBC News website.