The highway patrol has an abundance of unmarked patrol cars, and they can be deadly.

The Alabama Highway Patrol said Monday that the patrol has at least 25 unmarked patrol vehicles, many of which have been spotted on patrol in recent months.

Alabama Highway Patrol Sgt. Chris Brown told ABC News that his team has spotted more than 20 of those vehicles on patrol.

Brown said there are other unmarked patrol car models out there, but the ones that are in service have been stolen.

He said he is working to keep the department up to date on any recent thefts, and he is hoping that the new vehicles will be safe and well-maintained.

Brown said his patrol team will be out in the field at least two or three days a week, with officers doing a number of patrols and keeping the department’s patrol log up to speed.

“We want to make sure that our officers are up to the task of policing these roads,” he said.

Alaska Highway Patrol spokesman Matt Tretter told ABC affiliate Ketchikan that the state is currently conducting an investigation into a stolen unmarked patrol vehicle that was found in a snowbank near Anchorage, Alaska.

Tretter said troopers had spotted the vehicle on Friday and that they had been looking for it for several days.

He said troopers are working with state and federal law enforcement agencies to find the owner of the vehicle.

In a Facebook post, Tretters said he did not have any information on the number of stolen vehicles that have been recovered and said the department would work with the U.S. Marshals Service and other law enforcement authorities to determine how many were stolen and who might be responsible.