The new highway signs for the Blue and Green Highway will be up in about five weeks, with the first set of highway signs being put up Thursday afternoon in front of the Alberta Transportation Building at the University of Alberta.

The first highway sign is located in the north side of Highway 7 between the Red, Yellow and Black Mountains.

The new highway signage will have two large, orange letters that represent a red, green and blue highway sign.

“We’ll be up there all day, and we’ll be doing a lot of the work, including building out the signs with a contractor,” said Chris Firth, Alberta Transportation Minister.

“They’re going to be pretty big and heavy.

And we’ll probably have some of the big trucks coming down to the highway.”

The sign has been installed and ready for installation in the south end of Highway 27 between the Fort Saskatchewan and White Rock townships.

It will be about two metres tall and feature a blue, white and red highway sign in the centre.

Firth said that the highway sign will be placed in front and the road signage will be in back.

“You know the sign that has the highway, right?” he said.

“The highway is going to look a little bit different than it does today.”

The minister said that he expects the sign to take about two weeks to put up.

Firing up the signs, which are expected to take up to three weeks to complete, will also be an issue for some motorists.

“I’ll be working on getting it ready for a lot longer than that,” Firth said.

“And, I think I’ll be getting it up on Friday.

And I think the first day of work, I’ll have all the road markings up.”

Firth noted that the road sign is expected to be installed by the end of October.

The minister hopes that the signs will allow drivers to quickly identify the two main roads in their respective townships, as well as the new highway.

“The fact that you know the highway is coming down the road and the highway’s coming up is pretty helpful,” Futhith said.