I spent about an hour on the Las Vegas Strip, looking around at the sights, listening to the music and the sounds, and taking it all in.

I was looking for the perfect place to relax after a hard day’s work.

My wife, Amanda, was with me.

We’d just returned from a three-day cruise through the Caribbean.

I told her about the Vegas strip, and she said, “It’s all about the people, and they all seem to want to be there.”

I was going to Vegas, she said.

I knew it would be a little different than anything else.

I thought, “I’ll go.”

And we did.

We went to the MGM Grand, sat in a bar with a handful of other people, watched a few shows, and talked.

We decided to go to the State Fair.

The hotel, the casinos, the food, the shows.

It was all about a group of people looking for something.

Amanda and I got in line to take pictures with the rides, which had a few thousand of us.

I remember thinking, This is crazy.

I don’t know if this is what I was expecting.

We had to wait a few minutes, but we were told to wait.

It turned out, the crowds were the same as we had expected.

I felt like I had arrived at the most wonderful time in my life.

Amanda said, I don the people look the same, but I feel so lucky to have had them.

She said, It’s the perfect feeling.

It’s like you’re part of something, and you can see it.

And I couldn’t be more happy.

I wanted to make sure that my wife and I would have a great time.

We did, and we didn’t regret it.