Heart attacks and other heart-related deaths are still relatively rare.

And they’re actually very common, with one in five Americans suffering one.

But the odds are that you won’t ever experience one of these serious heart attacks, and you might not even realize you have one.

This article provides a few basic tips for surviving a heart-attack in the United States.1.

Get enough fluids.

Heart attacks can be dangerous, and some doctors recommend that you drink plenty of fluids during the attack.

And if you’re having a heart rhythm problem, you can also be dehydrated by taking fluids from your stomach and using a drip.

But these techniques aren’t enough to save you from a life-threatening heart attack, which can be fatal in just 10 minutes.2.

Don’t panic.

If you have symptoms of a heart failure or a heart arrhythmia, the first thing you need is to get help.

If your symptoms are mild or go away on their own, you may be able to stop having a heartbeat and even move your heart rhythm back in the normal direction.

But if you feel something is wrong and want to get medical help, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.3.

Get an x-ray.

An x-rays can tell you if you have a heart problem, but they can’t tell you what caused the problem.

A CT scan can show how the blood vessels are constricting, so it can also tell you about the cause of your heart failure.

If this is the case, you should seek medical help right away.4.

Avoid strenuous activity.

A heart attack can also result in a stroke, and if you lose control of your breathing, you could also die.

You may also be unable to control your blood pressure.

But exercise is important for keeping your heart beat.

The best way to stay healthy is to keep your heart rate down and keep your blood vessels open.