The Blackfeet Highway Patrol has received a $1 million gift from the Blackfinches National Forest.

The Blackfours Highway Patrol’s Highway Management Program is a partnership between the BlackFinches National Forests Department, the Blackfields Forest Service and the BLM to manage the Blackmores Highway and Highway 9.

The highway is in the Blackwoods National Forest, just north of Birmingham, and was closed for the BlackMores Highway project.

The highway was closed in January 2019 due to a landslide.

The BLM will provide $1.1 million of funding to the highway, the Highway Patrol said in a news release.

The Highway Patrol is using the funds to help improve road conditions for Blackfeet Pass and the entire Blackfeet Highways Corridor, BLM Assistant Director of Highway Operations Steve Smith said.

The funds will also go towards improving safety measures on the Blackmount Road, which connects Blackfeet to the other Blackfeet highways in Alabama.

Smith said the Highway Department has been in contact with the BLM and Blackfeet Forest Service regarding the gift.

He added that BLM is reviewing the grant proposal and will decide if it is a good use of funding.

The funding will help to improve road condition for Blackmount and Blackmars Highway corridor, BLM assistant director of highway operations Steve Smith says.

Smith said that the Highway Division will evaluate the impact of the gift on the Highway Pass and Blackmount roads.

The donation was announced Wednesday.

The gift was made in honor of Blackfeet’ Highway Pass, which was closed to the public due to the landslide in January.