A new airport in Arizona is a boon for airport travelers, but it’s also causing some controversy among some locals.

CNN asked some local residents for their take on the new airport.

Here are some of the comments: “It’s really a great place to fly into Peoria and it’s just great,” said resident Mark Rittner.

“It’s very nice, very nice.

There’s a lot of amenities, a lot to do.

It’s really good.”

“I think the main thing is that the airport is being built on a much larger parcel, so it doesn’t feel like it’s on a parcel of land, so there’s lots of trees and there’s a really good variety of wildlife.

It feels very natural and it feels really natural for the people that live here.”

There are also some issues with the new facility.

“The traffic on Peoria’s Interstate 10 is terrible,” said Ritter.

“There’s no traffic on Interstate 10, so that’s a problem.

The airport’s located on the outskirts of downtown Phoenix, which is a lot better.”

This new airport has been dubbed the “Peoria Express.”

The Peoria Express is a $6.6 billion airport that is slated to open in 2019.

According to the airport’s website, the airport will provide about 400 jobs in the city.

It will also include a pedestrian and bicycle bridge connecting Interstate 10 and Peoria Avenue.

The project is expected to cost $2.8 billion and be completed by 2023.

Peoria is home to the United States Olympic team and the National Zoo.