The highway closure that’s causing headaches in Colorado is not going away anytime soon.

In an effort to help ease the road conditions for drivers, officials have temporarily closed the highway 101 corridor in the state.

But the closures will not be permanent, and it could be weeks before the lanes re-open.

The highway has been closed for two days due to a snowstorm.

The closure will be in effect until February 3, when the National Weather Service will begin reopening the highway.

If you are on Interstate 30 in Colorado, you may want to consider getting an extra lift as the weather becomes more favorable.

The highway has some of the highest snowfall totals in the United States.

The storm caused a big crash on Interstate 25, where one person died and two others were injured.

There are no reports of property damage.

Drivers are encouraged to avoid driving in the snowstorm-prone area, as it could potentially result in accidents.

It is still snowing in some parts of the state, but it could change rapidly.