By The Associated PressKANSAS CITY (AP) A highway patrol sergeant’s dash cam captured the moments he shot a man in an altercation on a highway just north of downtown Kansas City.

The dashcam video shows Trooper Justin Kuchenbeck as he and his partner in blue patrol uniforms enter the parking lot of the Cottonwood Expressway and are confronted by a man who has a gun.

Kuchelbeck opens fire, hitting the man in his hand.

He is then seen dragging the man from the vehicle and dragging him on the ground.

The video was released by the Kansas Highway Patrol on Friday, less than two weeks after a federal judge ruled the officer, identified as 26-year-old William Dennard, was not justified in shooting Dennart as he fled.

The judge said the dashcam recording does not clearly show what occurred after Kuchesbeck shot the man.

Kuchesbezell has been placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation into the shooting.

A federal judge last month ordered Kuchensbeck to pay Dennards attorney $2,500 in compensation for wrongful death.

The Kansas Highway Safety Board says it has been notified of the new video.