After more than 10 years of silence, Cali coast highway is expected to open on Friday, September 14.

The highway is the only one to have opened without a fatal accident.

A series of fatal accidents has taken place along the stretch, including one which claimed the life of one of the highway’s two workers, in 2014.

The driver of the car that caused the fatal accident was convicted of driving while disqualified. 

The highway is being constructed on a 4.6km stretch of coastline, which was once the main road for the coastal city of La Paz, and will stretch for 3.7km.

The opening of the road will take place on the eve of the annual Cali Coast Festival, which takes place on September 13-14.

The festival was a major event in the coastal town of La Patagonia, which has a population of around 6,000. 

According to the highway department, the opening will be held in front of La Marzocco, La Pizarro, La Coronavirus, and the Cajon River. 

“We are proud to announce that we are officially opening the highway, one of Cali’s most iconic highway,” said the highway commissioner, Roberto Soria. 

‘The coast is beautiful, beautiful, gorgeous’ The opening is expected around 11am local time (2200 GMT), according to a press release.

“We hope that this is a big success for the residents of La Peñas, La Trenzala, La Corona, La Calle, and La Pata,” said Soria, adding that the opening ceremony will take two hours and that there will be food, drinks, and entertainment. 

Despite the opening, there are fears that the highway could become a “deathtrap” as the coast can get extremely hot.

“The highway’s road and infrastructure is already in a bad state.

The roads are already flooded and the highways can get very muddy,” said Josep Saez, a resident of La Corona.

“It will be extremely dangerous.” 

The coast highway was first built in 1968.

Its first stretch opened in 1971, and it is now the only highway in California to be constructed without a fatality. 

While the opening has been a huge success for Cali, there has been no guarantee that the road’s opening will last.

“A lot of things have to happen for the highway to be opened, including a series of accidents, and we’re confident that it will be ready in time,” Soria said. 

 More to come.