A Walmart outlet in the town of Walgett has been closed by authorities in the Northern Territory.

Key points:The store was due to reopen on Monday, but a spokesperson for Walmart says they will instead open their doors on TuesdayCustomers were told to avoid the area and stay homeCustomers will be able to access their accounts on Tuesday, but not onlineCustomers are being advised to call the store to confirm the closureCustomers can get online on Monday as well as TuesdayCustoms will reopen on WednesdayCustomers should check their bank statements and check if they have any bills to pay, and to keep receipts of purchases.

Customers have been told to stay away from the area, which has been heavily affected by the wildfires.

The fire has destroyed almost half of the country’s remote indigenous communities.

The region, known as the Goldfields, is also home to several Indigenous communities and an airstrip.

“We are doing everything we can to keep people safe and keep them from harm, and we are working to support those communities and their families,” said Walmart spokesperson Kate Thompson.

“This is a devastating fire and we will work hard to help those who need it the most.”

In the Northern Territories, a total of 922 fires have been declared and more than 12,000 homes have been destroyed.

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