Walmart and Lowe and Son opened their first Dallas store, a Lowe’s outlet. 

This will be a huge move for Dallas, as the city has been one of the most expensive places in the country to buy goods. 

This move has sparked a lot of debate.

A lot of people are concerned about how much cheaper it will be for shoppers to go to the store and pick up their goods, compared to other cities.

For example, in Seattle, Costco is one of two big retailers to open a store, while the other is the Seattle Food Co-op.

Walmart also owns Whole Foods Market in Texas.

However, if you live in a state like Texas, you don’t need to worry about this.

Here are a few places to go when you’re in Dallas.


Walmart – 5th & Lamar, 4100 S. Lamar Blvd. 

(214) 746-1612 (Walmart) This is the first store for Walmart in Dallas, which is a great start.

The company is a big brand in Dallas and the location is really convenient to the metro area.

Walmart has recently announced it plans to open another store in Dallas in 2019.

This store has been a Walmart store for quite some time, so the fact that they have been able to open their first store in the Dallas area should help boost sales.


Macy’s – 9500 S. Dallas Ave. 

 (972) 468-8555 (Macys) Macy and Wal-Mart have been shopping in Dallas for quite a while now.

The stores are close together, and the stores are pretty close to each other.

Macy was the first retailer to open in the metroplex and they are looking to expand in the future.


Kmart – 3500 W. Walnut, Suite A, 1003 N. Walnuts Rd. 

-(214), 778-0222 (Kmart) This is the third store for Kmart in Dallas; the first was a Target store.

Kmart has been expanding its store presence in Dallas recently, so it’s likely they will open a second location as well.


Papa John’s – 7400 N. Lamar, Suite 1, 7100 N. Texas Ave.

– (817) 559-9000 (Papa Johns) Papa johns has been in Dallas since 2002, and is the largest pizza restaurant chain in the United States.

They are in the city to serve pizza, but also carry hot dogs, sandwiches, and salads.


Chevrolet – 1001 W. Elmhurst, Suite 6, 200 W. Loop 410 – (214) 891-8777 (Chev) Chev is a major brand in the US and they have a number of stores in the state of Texas.

They opened a new location in Dallas a few years ago, so this is a really good sign for their Texas presence.


Lowe’s – 1425 N. I-35, Suite 7, Suite 4, 1200 S. Main St. -(214) 541-8477 (Lowe) Lowe opened their second Dallas store last week, which will open soon in the area of Dallas. 

There are two locations, one in Fort Worth and one in the suburbs.


Mason’s – 4140 S. Texas Blvd., Suite B, 1420 W. Elkhart Ave. 

 – (817)-569-4333 ( Mason) There is a lot to like about Mason’s.

The location is very close to the Metroplex and the quality of the goods is very good.

They also have a grocery store in nearby Fort Worth, so you should be able to get some of their grocery items. 



Crew – 1040 W. Pecan Lane, Suite C, 7800 W. Cedar Springs Dr. –(717) 934-8227 (J.

Crew) J.crew has been opening stores in Texas since 2008, so they have quite a bit of experience. 


Dyson – 1055 W. Spring Creek Parkway, Suite B-6, Suite G, Suite J, Suite K-1, Suite M, Suite P-1  – (806) 688-8800 (Dyson) Dyson has been on a roll in the past few years and is one the biggest chains in the nation.

They recently opened a store in Fort Myers, so there is plenty of reason to believe they will expand their presence in the region.

10.CVS – 1075 W. Main, Suite E, Suite F, Suite L, Suite N, Suite S