Dixie Road is one of the few retail chains that are still able to offer health and beauty products, and this month, the pharmacy in the Walgreen Supercenter in Oklahoma City announced it will be offering the first-ever, free-of-charge prescription refill at its flagship store.

Dixie Road announced in January that it was going to offer a free prescription refill in addition to its usual $4.99 pharmacy discount.

The free prescription is only valid for one day and will be valid for up to two weeks.

The Walgros are the only pharmacy chain in the country that offer prescription refills to all customers.

The company has had a long history of supporting free-to-use health and wellness products, but in recent years it has faced some criticism from some consumers who feel that it should offer a discounted discount to its members.

“This initiative will provide a way for our loyal and dedicated customers to get a free refill on a daily basis,” Walgroc’s CEO, Mike Loughlin, said in a statement.

“The partnership with Dixie will be a great way to encourage and reward our loyal members to come back and fill their prescriptions.”

Walgreens said it will also offer the discount to all Dixie members.

Dixies stores in the United States are located in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas City, Texas, and West Virginia.