Texas lawmakers have a new tool they’re trying to use to revive a $3.5 billion high-end trailer sales program that’s gone to waste.

The House Transportation and Housing Committee on Wednesday approved a bill that would restore the program, which has been shuttered in recent years because of the high number of accidents.

The bill, HB 2360, would allow the state to spend up to $1 million annually on the program.

But it’s the only bill in the Legislature that would require that the program be restarted by the end of 2019.

That’s why Rep. David Simpson, a Republican from Houston, is sponsoring the bill.

He said that the recent deaths of four people and a toddler who died in the crash of the trailer were the first instances of people in Texas not getting a trailer.

He said the bill will give people the opportunity to buy a trailer that’s worth $100,000, with a high-tech engine and new tires.

The House passed the bill last year but didn’t take it up in the Senate.

The Senate has not yet taken up the measure.

“People should have the option of getting a new high-performance trailer, and if they choose, they can buy it in the middle of winter with the trailer on it, not in a high wind,” Simpson said in a statement.

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