AZOTANA HIGHWAYS fuel maps, highway fuel article Arizona highways are made up of several distinct highways, each with its own unique features.

These features include:1.

The “C” Highway: The C Highway is a highway which runs from downtown Phoenix to Tucson.2.

The C/H Highway: This highway is a two-lane road which extends north from downtown to Tucson and south to Scottsdale, Arizona.3.

The F Highway: A highway running from downtown Scotts Valley to Phoenix and east to Flagstaff.4.

The U Highway: Another two- lane road, this one running from Scotts River to the Gulf of Mexico.5.

The P Highway:A four-lane highway, this highway runs from Phoenix to Flagler County, Arizona and west to Elko, Arizona, and is also used for fishing, camping, and hunting.6.

The L Highway:This is the largest highway in Arizona.

It runs from Tucson to Phoenix.

It is a four-state highway and serves as the main artery in the U.S. and is the main way people cross the border into Mexico.7.

The S Highway:The S Highway is the only highway in the United States to have two lanes of traffic in each direction.

It also has an east-west highway which connects to the C Highway.8.

The B Highway:is a five-lane, four-way highway that runs from the Arizona-Utah border to the Pacific Ocean.9.

The H Highway: this is the southernmost of the six major highways in the state.10.

The I Highway: is the longest highway in all of Arizona.