A man was arrested on suspicion of trespassing in a Walmart parking lot on Monday after he was found with a handgun and a stolen credit card, according to Oregon Highway Patrol.

The incident occurred around 8:45 a.m. near the Walmart parking garage on Interstate 4 and Highway 35, according a news release from the Oregon Highway Police.

The suspect was found wearing a mask and a hat, but no identification was present, the release stated.

He was arrested.

The suspect is expected to appear in court Monday morning.

The Oregon Highway Safety Alliance, which monitors highway accidents, issued a statement calling the incident “an important reminder to all Oregonians to be vigilant and keep their personal property secure.”

“The act of using a weapon to commit a crime is a serious crime and it’s a violation of your right to keep and bear arms,” the statement said.

“In this case, it was obvious to us that the suspect was carrying a weapon and it was evident that he had stolen a credit card.

Our members have been trained in this matter, so it’s important for us to remind everyone that the act of theft of a credit or debit card is a felony.”