It’s been a year since Amazon launched its first Amazon Broenening Auto.

It’s a self-driving car that you can ride in on your own, but the company is also hoping to put its cars in the hands of people who need a ride.

It was announced earlier this month at the company’s annual shareholder meeting, and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was there to announce the project.

The car is expected to be fully self-propelled by 2021.

The company has already laid out a number of new features for its fleet of autonomous vehicles, including the ability to take over for someone in the car with a smartphone and a map.

The cars will be able to carry up to 100 people, with the option of transporting up to 20 people, Amazon said.

While the company isn’t offering any specifics about how its cars will operate, Bezos says the goal is to make them “the most safe and efficient vehicles on the planet.”

For the project, Amazon has already signed up some of the best local truck drivers in the country to drive the cars around.

The company says that the first cars will have a range of 50 miles and can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 4.2 seconds.

The company is targeting $3 billion in investments in its Broening project, which Bezos says will ultimately lead to a total of 2,500 vehicles by the end of the decade.

The technology will be used in the next generation of Amazon Prime memberships, and the company has been trying to sell the cars as a service for months.

The service, which is available only to Prime members, offers free deliveries to Amazon employees and is meant to help the company reach its goal of having 100 million Prime members in 2021.

In a statement to Business Insider, Amazon confirmed that it will be using the technology for the Broening initiative.

“We’re excited to continue our work to connect people to the world with a more personalized experience,” it said.

“Broening, Amazon’s technology to bring personalized service to people who don’t have it today, is a key component of our vision for Amazon Prime.

With Amazon Prime, you can enjoy an exclusive experience every time you visit our headquarters.”